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How soon do you dispatch the products?
All products are dispatched the next business day. FREE SHIPPING and no minimum purchase required. We DO NOT ship via ePacket like other suppliers. ePacket delivery is 4 weeks. One week delivery time with Led Jets. 
How is it being shipped?
We use USPS/UPS and DHL Express exclusively. Once it's dispatched, you'll receive a tracking number which will allow you to track the movements of your new Jet 24/7. It will be delivered straight to your door.

We accept all major payment methods.

Do your due diligence before making your purchase. I took the liberty of posting several of my competitors prices, delivery times and shipping cost on my Facebook page.
PLEASE NOTE: Don't be fooled by FREE shipping. The majority of suppliers SHIP via ePacket. (ePacket has a 4 week delivery time).
You can Facebook Message or e-mail me directly.
Feel free to e-mail me at:

Can I see a demo?
Of course you can! Check out the video below. I have multiple videos on my Facebook page.