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Brand name: XK
Item number: X520
Wingspan: 520mm

Flying time: 15min
Charge time: 50-60min

Transmitter: 2.4G transmitter
Remote control distance: more than 150m
Motor: 1307 *2 ( Brushless )
Battery: 7.4V(950MAH) 20C
Optional Model: X8 Transmitter Version, X4 Transmitter Version, X8 Transmitter 5G Wifi Version, X4 5G Wifi Version, Night Flight Version X8 Transmitter, Night Flight Version X8 Transmitter.
Optional Mode: Mode 1 Right hand throttle, Mode 2 
Left hand throttle.

Takes off and lands vertically in small areas, multi-rotor versatility and sport plane agility.
The aircraft has multiple flight modes
The front three points landing gear, can be used for the special case of glide landing, or outdoor glide takeoff, directly get into the fixed wing mode.
High-capacity large-rate 7.4V Li-po battery, flight time more than 10 minutes.
he aircraft is quick installation and replacement structure, easy to carry.
The camera angle is adjustable, vertical shooting and 30 degrees before and after shooting can be carried out.

Versatility and sport plane agility.

Package Includes:
1 X XK X520 3D EPP FPV RC Airplane

1 X Transmitter versatility and sport plane agility.

1 X Charger
1 X CW CCW Propeller
1 X Battery

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